CTR 25 %

From: Robert Nemec (rob_list@robertnemec.com)
Date: 20. 06. 2003, 21:52 CEST

V dnesnim vydani MediaDailyNews vysel clanek
http://www.mediapost.com/dtls_dsp_news.cfm?newsID=209879, ktery popisuje
novy druh reklamy, "Roadblock Ads".

Tato reklama mela ve trech kampanich CTR 10.4%, 9.36% a 25%.

Jak to funguje: "They are full-page ads that intrigue the user for up to 20
seconds. The user can go to our home page whenever he wishes during the ad
display, yet a large percentage of users choose to watch the ads in their

Osobne se bych se take primlouval za delsi reklamy. Behem peti sekund, co
vam vyjede ilayer, se neda rozehrat zadny poradny pribeh.


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